Week 12: Algorithmic Art

Make up!! Using the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette! 🙂

Step 1: With your face clean, moisturize! Any moisturizer will work, I use Ponds rich hydrating moisturizer. (wait 5 minutes for skin to absorb the moisture)

Step 2: With my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz in Dark Brown I first brush through my brow and then color them in.

Step 3: I cover up any imperfections along the bottom of my brow with the Maybelline Fit Me color concealer in the number 15 with a Morphe angled concealer brush and followed by an Elf concealer brush to buff out any excess concealer to my lid.

Step 4: I set my lid with the shadow from the new Artist palette called Buttery using a Morphe M153 brush. Next I take the shadow called Dusty Rose with Morphe blending brush M330 and buff it out on my crease. After that with the same brush I take the color Aubergine and blend it into my outer corners of my eyes.

Step 5: I used my all time favorite liquid liner by Almay to make my wing. 🙂

Step 6: Next! I prime my face with the Tarte clean slate primer. This primer is perfect because it fills in all of my pores and allows me to only touch up my face once throughout a whole day! (which is incredible because I have oily skin)

Step 7: I take my HD foundation my Make Up Forever and buff it into my skin using a beauty blender. Afterwards I use the same Maybelline concealer under my eyes as a highlight.

Step 8: To set my under eye area and prevent it from creasing I took my Morphe M437 brush and Anastasia’s banana shade from her contour kit.

Step 9: Bronze it up! I used my MAC 187 SE brush with my Wet n Wild bronzer to warm up my cheeks, jaw line and forehead.

Step 10: To contour I used Anastasia’s kit using the bottom middle shade with my Morphe M104 brush.

Step 11: Using my Jouer cream highlighter in Tiare, I placed this on the highest points of my cheekbones and on my cupids bow and set those places with a shadow called Unlocked from the Lorac’s new Unzipped Palette.

Step 12: To finish off my eyes I placed the color Phresh of the Artist Palette in the inner corners of my eyes and the Aubergine color in the lower lash line. Before mascara I also added a white eyeliner pencil in my lower water line. Finally Mascara to finish off my eyes.

Step 13: I set my foundation with my studio fix powder foundation in NC 25 and lastly finish up my face with a light pink blush from the BH cosmetics blush palette.



Week 12: Feedback!

  1. Three favorite activities
    1. Plaster Casting
      1. I have never used plaster to make a mold and it was really fun with the help of my brother casting my mold!
    2. Graffiti
      1. I have never worked with spray paint before and it was a great and new experience working with it!
    3. New Media
      1. It was fun getting artsy and creative making a video and also seeing what others had to present. It was very inspiring.
  2. Three least favorite activities
    1. Kickstarter
      1. I honestly couldn’t think of any creative ideas to launch but by the looks of it, the other students do have great ideas which is awesome!
    2. Portrait Photography
      1. This activity gave me the chills! Death is always a topic I am always “iffy” about and rather refrain myself from talking about it.
    3. Student Choice
      1. I like to consider myself as being a good “follow directions well” kind of person so having the liberty of choosing absolutely ANYTHING kind of scared me. haha but other than that it was fun.
  3. With all of the other courses I’m currently taking, this class gives me a sort of leeway to relax and take a break from all of my other stressful courses and also gives me the chance to enjoy various forms of art!

Week 12 : Art Gallery! Domestic Implications

Kat Cox exhibition was amazing because of her intricate detail!IMG_4978 IMG_4979 IMG_4980 IMG_4983Can we just talk about how Cox’s exhibition layout was simply beautiful!?!?!?! OK, when I first walked in I noticed the flowers at the entrance and that already made my troll around the Dutzi gallery more comfortable. The ceiling lights lightly touched her pieces perfectly and highlighted pinpoints that were more appreciated (by me). The cool toned colors she used in her ceramic pieces were very soft and pastel which relaxed me and inspired some make up looks for me. Also, I feel like the white walls of the gallery fit the MOST with this exhibition in comparison to all the other exhibitions I’ve seen thus far.

Besides the organizational structure of her exhibition, there is so much symbolism behind every piece and the whole gallery as a whole.

In Cox’s statement she says that the decorative elements on all her piece symbolize ideals of femininity and how they affect people. I died. (sarcasm) Such detailed pieces give me life! Immediately after losing myself in the detail, I thought that it might symbolize patience, act of caring, or stuck in time. And I thought “stuck in time” specifically because these interesting detail almost reflected a maze to me which can inhibit movement. One of Cox’s goals was to create different dialogue between her viewers and that is how I interpreted the detail.

There were many pieces in the shape of a tear, (or seeds etc., as Cox described them as) symbolize many things but as soon as I read that it symbolized growth or re-growth…I was in awe! Tears and/or seeds are great symbols for re-growth! When a person cries there is a lesson to be learned which goes hand in hand with growing as a person. When a seed is planted there is regrowth with a product that is able to re-produce and continue to re-grow.

I loved this exhibition this week!

Week 12: Alayna Grapel

IMG_1283This week I met Alayna Grapel. She was born and raised in Grass Valley and currently lives in the dorms here at CSULB. She is on her second year here. As soon as I saw Alayna I knew right away she was dancer “you can just tell” haha. Well turns out she started off as a dance major and changed completely to liberal studies. She changed her major because she realized she wanted to become an elementary school teacher or work with teaching students with special needs. (What a great person!) She is in delta zeta.

Alayna has one older brother who lives in New York. 🙂 Which is great because it gives her the chance to travel (which who doesn’t love) to visit her older brother.  She wants to have a family and travel a lot within the next decade.

Alayna loves the outdoors, for example she enjoys going on hikes, relaxing on the beach and simply exploring new things/places. Although she has only been out of the United States once (Canada for eight hours) she is looking forward to visiting new places in her future.

Meeting Alayna was great and good to hear that people are still down to Earth in the 21st century we live in. 🙂

Week 11: Plaster!

This week’s activity was Plaster Casting. I have never worked with plaster before so I was really excited for this project. I waned to make sure that I did the casting correctly so I went to Long beach on Saturday at 9 a.m. I expected this entire process to be tedious and annoying, but it was actually very fun!

At first i dug a really deep hole then I had to put some of it back because my arm isn’t too long. haha

I didn’t think the plaster settled as quickly as it did so I had to rush to pour it into my mold. I was worried that my fingers would break when removing the sand but instead of waiting 25 minutes I waited an extra 10 minutes for the molding to fully dry. My fingers came out great except my forearm was really short. (I guess I should have NOT put back so much sand.)

I am thinking of painting my cast mold with different shades of pink and purple or drawing on a henna tattoo but I really like the way it looks with sand on it. I am definitely doing this again. 🙂IMG_4938-1 IMG_4774

Week 11: Gabriel Garcia…..”The current culture of masculinity has a negative impact on us all.”

This week I visited the Gatov-West gallery and enjoyed all of Gabriel Garcia’s art work.

At first glance (standing outside) I saw the piece that screamed, “DON’T BE A PUSSY” I honestly grew so angry and thought “Are you kidding me? No way I am going in there.” Words like those are so degrading and are really upsetting. But, in the back of my head I had a little-me telling me to go and check it out, my curiosity/conscience would have never forgave me if I did not.IMG_4589

As I walked in, I took my time observing a couple pieces before I realized, “Oooh, OK.” This exhibition was definitely NOT what I expected. This exhibition expressed so many things that realistic people think every time some ignorant guy think they are the manliest of all.

Garcia began with mentioning that he used to go hunting with his uncles (that were soldiers) because since they are from Texas, it is tradition. Phrases that were constantly said were, “Man up” or “Don’t be gay” etc.

IMG_4591  IMG_4588

As soon as I saw the word Soldier on one of his pieces before reading his statement, I fell in love with this exhibition as a whole! I can relate to this post because I have a couple members in my family who are/were in the military and were charged with domestic violence. Garcia said, “Simply being a soldier does not mean you are a man” This cannot be more true and I’ve said those words maybe 100 times.


This exhibition has been the most realistic of all pieces I’ve seen all year and so far my favorite! If you’re reading this Gabriel Garcia, thanks for creating this!

Week 11: Roxana Gutierrez

This week I met Roxana Gutierrez!

She is in her first year here at California State University of Long Beach, and is planning on majoring in Psychology. She was born and raised her in Southern California, (Long Beach, as was I)

Roxana is currently employed at Target, which could be nightmare I think because when I go into Target to buy one sole thing I end up spending more than I should! I commented to Roxana that working for Target must be benefitting with a great discount rate off purchases. AND NO! Insanely enough, employees only get a 10% discount. I mean let us be real, that is pretty much just the taxes added in the end. Crazy!

Moving on, I found it interesting that one of Roxana’s favorite classes is Salsa! It is nice to know that not all the ladies our age are into “twerking”. Salsa is very cultural and good for exercise she says.

For fun she likes to hang out with her friends and do absolutely anything. Her favorite color is turquoise. 🙂

Meeting Roxana was funny because at first she seemed very timid and towards the end of our conversation she was smiling a lot more and speaking more. IMG_4107