Week 16 EC Possibly

Hello Professor!

As you already know, I am borderline with my grade and I went ahead to do some possible extra credit for this class really hoping for some points!..

This picture below is the algorithmic art piece I took the time to do earlier today from Jairo’s steps to create my version.

I forgot to bring my markers so I used what I had in my back pack. I found his list very interesting because it was definitely something attainable for any student here do with out any trouble. What I noticed with this piece was that driving around LB State, there weren’t many students (or teachers, or residents) who have cars that are from out of state. I can guess that because most people that I have met throughout the course of this semester in Art 110, students that have their cars are from North Cal or more south than LB. The students that are from out state don’t necessarily have a car here with them which could explain why I had so many C’s in my piece. I really enjoyed doing this because it opened my eyes to more of the students we have here at CSULB.


For my next post I used Christian’s algorithmic list to create my version as well!

This piece was actually super relaxing for me! listening to music with my eyes shut is what I used to do a lot, before when I used to play piano in high school. (to feeeel the music) So for this art piece in particular, I chose the song, “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by Jack Johnson. This song is one of my favorites because of the guitar and Jack’s voice. ha. While doing this piece I did not want to do smaller and closer lines when the song sped up or anything to follow it but I think that might have been the goal for this huh? I noticed that at first the flow of the black pen did not follow the tempo but during the middle and end it was kind of inevitable. Letting my flow go and seeing how the colors kind of reflect the beat of the song was cool! I’ll try doing this with my nephews and nieces! Thanks Christian 🙂


Lastly, but certainly not least, I used Lizbeth’s algorithmic instructions to create this.

OK first I want to say that instead of studying for nutrition 132 I studied for my accounting course and I absolutely love that class so I wanted to shade in the SMALLEST spots in my lines to make it seem like I didn’t take long to study. HA. is that cheating? I loved doing this piece because I did not have many restraints or limits as to what it was that I had to do. It was fun choosing and skipping songs and pretty much doing my usual just added drawing lines and shading. It was comfortable and interesting seeing how my results reflected me and my studying.



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