Week 15!

IMG_0095This week I met…..Julyssa Juarez! She lives in the same city as my older brother so I felt we were already connected a bit. (City of Downey)

Julyssa is in her 1st year here at CSULB and is 18 years old 🙂

She mentioned right away that CSULB was NOT her first choice of school but she got in, “so why not?” ha, is it bad that I was a bit insulted? I am biased, I will admit right away because Long Beach is my hometown and I have lots of love for LB and its neighboring cities.

Julyssa is currently undeclared but hopes to soon be declared as a Kinesiology student. She also hopes to become a physical therapist in the future. She enjoys working out and teaching children the benefits of working out. She coaches a volleyball team of 12 year olds here in Belmont, and couldn’t be happier! I thought that this fact about her was super sweet! I don’t know many college students who enjoy younger people as their company because of their short attention span and different interests.

Julyssa’s name is spelled differently and that right away caught my attention. Her birthday is in August, she was supposed to be born in July so her mom gave her the name JULYssa. isn’t that funny/cute?

It was great meeting Julyssa 🙂


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