Week 15: Last art piece!!

This week the pieces were created by Julie Tran!

The main reason I was immediately drawn to piece of the young girl laying down was because it reminded me of a character of a show I was obsessed with as a child called, the Rugrats! The character’s name is Angelica and this piece is almost my exact memory of her. She was a lunatic who wanted all to herself. This piece shouts the words, “HA, I always get what I want!”

When I look at art, especially in Trans collection, I enjoy making my own stories to them because I feel it connects me more with the piece. I read that Tran’s silliness puts fire on her creativity and I can totally see that.

Perhaps the inner kid in me will always be attracted to fun and colorful things which is why I am drawn to these two, The loud colors say something not only about the characters in Tran’s pieces but something about the artist as well as the viewer who connects with an art piece.

Maybe the colors connected to Trans culture, or maybe she just used her favorite colors. Between the two pictures below, the color green came out more in my eyes, which could symbolize money or power (that relates to Angelica’s character in the Rugrats)

I had a fun time in the Werby-gallery reminiscing about shows I watched as a kid but also connecting with Tran’s art. 🙂

IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0285


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