Week 14: Meeting a New Classmate

IMG_0092Hello! This week I met Taneshia Warren 🙂

She is also in her 2nd year and also a business major! woohoo! I love meeting fellow business major ladies somewhere NOT at the CBA building. She is a marketing major and is excited to get into more higher level classes.

She is currently dorming with some of her good friends and is planning on getting a nice roomy apartment with them after this semester is over. She is excited to finally step up her responsibilities as she is getting older.

Taneshia is from Santa Clarita and is still employed at a Disney store back home. She works Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. She loves going back home on weekends to work and is convenient to keep her job because that way she is still employed during school breaks and has a chance to visit family all the while.

She likes to go to the beach to enjoy some sun, but living in a city near several beaches…who doesn’t enjoy the beach? 🙂 She also likes working out at the gym and is hoping to go on an adventure soon! She specifically said zip lining and sky diving. That is crazy! Do your thing girl! I’ll pass. haha I could tell immediately that Taneshia is a down to earth dare devil. The type of person never to have a dull moment with, she’s fun 🙂

We spoke about a couple TV shows we’ve already watched and are currently watching Orange is the New Black! Great show! Also movies we’ve cried to recently which was Furious 7 and how sentimental we get when some songs come on the radio.
It was great meeting Taneshia.

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