Week 14: Art!

IMG_0093 IMG_0096

This weeks piece of art is an oil and spray painting called, Cold Light, Warm Room by Andrew Maverick Corella. There were so many pieces of art it was hard for me to choose. I chose this one specifically because the story of this piece can vary from person to person but with one moral of the story. A heated situation in the room but not too tense as you can tell the man is seating and not standing. The very empty room showed me that they may live in a more simple era with more worries than what we consider our 1st world problems.

I enjoyed how realistic this painting looked. I am assuming the people in this painting are part of the hispanic culture so perhaps that is the reason why I chose to write about it because I am part of the Mexican culture.

Moving on, I took my time looking at the only girl in the picture. She is standing behind the man who seems to take care of her, husband or maybe even brother. Standing behind him shows me that he makes the major decisions and deals with the tough struggles they may face. Moving on, the man at the counter was portrayed to me as a drunk…and then I thought, does me seeing this man as a drunk say something about me? I guess I could relate because a few of my uncles were alcoholics and simply hard to live with. That is the kind of situation I see in this painting.


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