Week 12 : Art Gallery! Domestic Implications

Kat Cox exhibition was amazing because of her intricate detail!IMG_4978 IMG_4979 IMG_4980 IMG_4983Can we just talk about how Cox’s exhibition layout was simply beautiful!?!?!?! OK, when I first walked in I noticed the flowers at the entrance and that already made my troll around the Dutzi gallery more comfortable. The ceiling lights lightly touched her pieces perfectly and highlighted pinpoints that were more appreciated (by me). The cool toned colors she used in her ceramic pieces were very soft and pastel which relaxed me and inspired some make up looks for me. Also, I feel like the white walls of the gallery fit the MOST with this exhibition in comparison to all the other exhibitions I’ve seen thus far.

Besides the organizational structure of her exhibition, there is so much symbolism behind every piece and the whole gallery as a whole.

In Cox’s statement she says that the decorative elements on all her piece symbolize ideals of femininity and how they affect people. I died. (sarcasm) Such detailed pieces give me life! Immediately after losing myself in the detail, I thought that it might symbolize patience, act of caring, or stuck in time. And I thought “stuck in time” specifically because these interesting detail almost reflected a maze to me which can inhibit movement. One of Cox’s goals was to create different dialogue between her viewers and that is how I interpreted the detail.

There were many pieces in the shape of a tear, (or seeds etc., as Cox described them as) symbolize many things but as soon as I read that it symbolized growth or re-growth…I was in awe! Tears and/or seeds are great symbols for re-growth! When a person cries there is a lesson to be learned which goes hand in hand with growing as a person. When a seed is planted there is regrowth with a product that is able to re-produce and continue to re-grow.

I loved this exhibition this week!


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