Week 11: Roxana Gutierrez

This week I met Roxana Gutierrez!

She is in her first year here at California State University of Long Beach, and is planning on majoring in Psychology. She was born and raised her in Southern California, (Long Beach, as was I)

Roxana is currently employed at Target, which could be nightmare I think because when I go into Target to buy one sole thing I end up spending more than I should! I commented to Roxana that working for Target must be benefitting with a great discount rate off purchases. AND NO! Insanely enough, employees only get a 10% discount. I mean let us be real, that is pretty much just the taxes added in the end. Crazy!

Moving on, I found it interesting that one of Roxana’s favorite classes is Salsa! It is nice to know that not all the ladies our age are into “twerking”. Salsa is very cultural and good for exercise she says.

For fun she likes to hang out with her friends and do absolutely anything. Her favorite color is turquoise. 🙂

Meeting Roxana was funny because at first she seemed very timid and towards the end of our conversation she was smiling a lot more and speaking more. IMG_4107


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