Week 11: Plaster!

This week’s activity was Plaster Casting. I have never worked with plaster before so I was really excited for this project. I waned to make sure that I did the casting correctly so I went to Long beach on Saturday at 9 a.m. I expected this entire process to be tedious and annoying, but it was actually very fun!

At first i dug a really deep hole then I had to put some of it back because my arm isn’t too long. haha

I didn’t think the plaster settled as quickly as it did so I had to rush to pour it into my mold. I was worried that my fingers would break when removing the sand but instead of waiting 25 minutes I waited an extra 10 minutes for the molding to fully dry. My fingers came out great except my forearm was really short. (I guess I should have NOT put back so much sand.)

I am thinking of painting my cast mold with different shades of pink and purple or drawing on a henna tattoo but I really like the way it looks with sand on it. I am definitely doing this again. 🙂IMG_4938-1 IMG_4774


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