Week 11: Gabriel Garcia…..”The current culture of masculinity has a negative impact on us all.”

This week I visited the Gatov-West gallery and enjoyed all of Gabriel Garcia’s art work.

At first glance (standing outside) I saw the piece that screamed, “DON’T BE A PUSSY” I honestly grew so angry and thought “Are you kidding me? No way I am going in there.” Words like those are so degrading and are really upsetting. But, in the back of my head I had a little-me telling me to go and check it out, my curiosity/conscience would have never forgave me if I did not.IMG_4589

As I walked in, I took my time observing a couple pieces before I realized, “Oooh, OK.” This exhibition was definitely NOT what I expected. This exhibition expressed so many things that realistic people think every time some ignorant guy think they are the manliest of all.

Garcia began with mentioning that he used to go hunting with his uncles (that were soldiers) because since they are from Texas, it is tradition. Phrases that were constantly said were, “Man up” or “Don’t be gay” etc.

IMG_4591  IMG_4588

As soon as I saw the word Soldier on one of his pieces before reading his statement, I fell in love with this exhibition as a whole! I can relate to this post because I have a couple members in my family who are/were in the military and were charged with domestic violence. Garcia said, “Simply being a soldier does not mean you are a man” This cannot be more true and I’ve said those words maybe 100 times.


This exhibition has been the most realistic of all pieces I’ve seen all year and so far my favorite! If you’re reading this Gabriel Garcia, thanks for creating this!


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