Week 10: Student Choice!

This week for this activity we had the opportunity to choose whatever we wanted to do whether it’d be a drawing, painting, video, etc., and I chose to draw a picture that I have been meaning to draw for my room! I am not much of an artist but I can copy pictures really well when I’m given solely the visual….but if I were told to draw a zebra without it being in front of me, it would be impossible!!

img_2070 img_5179

So I drew this one!

I am not sure where I found this picture, it has been in my camera roll for several months now and I finally had a good reason to draw it! I did not add any color because I am not completely satisfied with it quite yet. I am most likely going to draw it over again and maybe include other designs of my own! I had fun drawing this although some of the features were hard for me personally to capture by hand.

I feel like this class is allowing me to do things I have always wanted to do but never really sure of doing. Simply looking at this drawing had made me feel better about myself. 🙂


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