Week 10 ART Galleries!


Hello! This weeks’ pieces of art that I chose were created by Dawn Ertle. She had two wonderful pieces of art, each handwoven as well as beautiful.

One of which describes the way our relationships shift from stage to stage. She mentioned that it begins with the beginning of the relationship when you (two) first fall in love, and both completely full of thrill. The second part of the relationship where you figure out how to be involved in this relationship without losing yourself. Lastly, the third part where you “end up being happily ever after or break up”. I found it really fun in the way that she had 3 tracks playing on an MP3 player attached to her art, each song specifically about the three stages she intended of conveying in this piece. At first, I was a little thrown off because Ertle had all students leave our backpacks at the entrance but, all in all the music simply connected us (the viewers) to her through her piece.

The other part to this exhibition was a piece dedicated to the environments we inhabit. She used weather data as her variables to make the looms. At first glance whilst knowing that the second piece was demonstrating climate change, each and every detail that was woven into this piece shouted, PROBLEM! so it fit perfectly!! Also, I could see how there are tiny conflicts leading up to this huge problem on Earth and you couldn’t just solve this problem with one action but with several.

Ertle patiently dedicated one year to create this whole exhibition. WOW. All I needed to hear was this alone to be inspired! To meet a person who dedicated this much time to create something that means too much, is simply incredible.


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