Week 10: Nalleli Silva

Hey guys welcome back to my blog!

This week I met Nalleli Silva who is in her second year here at Cal State Long Beach. She is DOUBLE majoring in child development and family life education. Every time I hear someone  double major or major AND minor, I  think it is incredible! When I heard Nalleli say she was double majoring, it was like taking a breathe of fresh air.

One of the reasons I enjoy weekly conversations with my peers in ART 110 is so that I can be motivated by each and everyone. Like taking a bite from my favorite candy bar for energy, hearing my classmates (especially from ladies, go girls!!) gives me a boost to keep going only harder.

Moving on, Nalleli is from Palmdale and lives in the dorms on campus. She says in comparison to Palmdale, Long Beach is a great fun city! 🙂

She is currently looking for employment being that her only job was the temporary job that the Bookstore offered.

Nalleli and I have a couple things in common. For starters, we both like looking up make up videos to learn from, and during spring break we were looking forward to watching the new Furious 7 movie. (which was soo good!!)  A couple fun facts about Nalleli are; her favorite color is blue and she is a mad fan for the Dodgers baseball team.

Meeting Nalleli was a good boost of motivation. 🙂



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