Week 9: Meet a new classmate!

Hello and welcome back to my blog 🙂

This week I met someone with a completely different background than mine and it definitely opened up my mind a bit more!

I met, Natsuki Fukuyama 🙂

She is a foreign exchange student from Japan, (this is her last semester here) who is majoring in Film.

I learned that she was born in Japan but received her kindergarten – 4th grade education in a nearby city, Palos Verdes. The rest of her years of  education were in her hometown in Japan.

Natsuki loves films and writing analytical papers about them. Also, she hopes to someday assist the marketing department in a film company.

Her favorite color is blue and on her free time she enjoys watching movies and enjoying a good show at cool “funky” coffee shops around Long Beach. She recommended a coffee shop on Broadway called, “The library”. I love getting recommendations of places to go here in LB because Im almost never disappointed. I’ll definitely be visiting The Library.

Natsuki is very privileged, (I’d say) because she’s here at CSULB for a year of studying and in high school she studied in Australia for some time. That is great! She studied in Sydney which she loved.

I was really surprised to see that Natsuki shows very much appreciation towards her parents because they help her financially. Not many students my age think in that way.



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