Week 7: Classmate Interview


This week I met Alexa Dunk!

It was a funny situation meeting her because her fiancé was right behind her looking for someone to interview and well my husband was looking for someone to interview as well. So I pointed out J to her fiance and then interviewed each other.

So she is engaged!! which is so exciting. Alexx was born and raised in the beautiful city of San Diego.

She and her fiance are Biology majors, and she is also minoring in chemistry. can we say WOW. She has a year and half left and has no time to do anything else but homework and work! I love meeting ladies at Cal state, especially ones who know exactly what they want to do with their lives. Alexx has that written all over her.

She makes me feel good about women in the future, and we should keep raising them!

Anyway, her favorite color is Indigo 🙂 she works at Hooters! which is great for tips and we all know college students need em. haha

She has 2 guinea pigs and we were talking about if guinea pigs were supposed to be bathed and we had no idea!

When she asked me what I like to do for fun, i told her i love going to the laugh factory and she stood with her mouth open because she LOVES that place too! A live comedy show and food is always a good night! So we exchanged numbers and shared ways to win tickets. whoever gets tickets will invite the other couple! It’ll be great 🙂


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