Week 6: Art Galleries


This piece of art titled, “The Assumption of 3903” is an acrylic collage created with plastic, nylon, chalk pastel, and pencil on this canvas.

As soon as I walked into the Gatov-West gallery this was one of the first that caught my eye! Not only because it was close to the entrance but because it has an incredible amount of texture!

I am very into layering and colors and texture so I felt immediately connected to this piece of art!

Before I read anything that had to do with this piece, I saw the very soft colors and what looks like water to me and then suddenly the bright red object that looks like a chair falling caught my attention.

I see the different parts of pressures and desires associated with life that the artist conveyed through the art piece and it was very inspiring.

Because I am not an Art major, I agree that I do  not think like an artist does (this is subjective) I think for structural, but anyway the title of this piece really made me smile and think “Wow, but really” The assumptions of many things in life and in this case art are really just assumptions and not always correct. At first this canvas made me joyous but after I read the artist’s statement it opened up my mind a bit to a more broader world all around us.


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