Week 5: Classmate Interview!

IMG_3886Hello again! This week I met Jairo Ubeda and I specifically remember his name because:

1. that is my managers name &

2. I remember seeing his ID index card up on the projector camera when Glenn was showing them in class. His calligraphy was very eye catching!

Moving on, he is on his 3rd year here at CSULB. He started off as an engineer major but is now in communications. He is really into searching for new music and hip hop and eventually be on the radio station.

He currently lives in Wilmington where he works at a Northgate grocery store as a butcher. He is a full time worker which is insane! as he works about 48 hours a week and is also a full time student. Im sure commuting to and from school doesn’t save a lot of time either! try and book some time with him, good luck! He is single!

Jairo is Guatemalan, he has 2 brothers and a sister.

On his spare time he enjoys working out, looking into music online and listen to music for as long as he can. His favorite color is black, his favorite movies are the SAW movie series. (too scary and too mind twisting for me haha)

I told him I worked for Hofs Hut restaurant and bakery and he shared that he LOVES the chocolate strawberry trifle cake, “that cake is bomb!” as many of our customers say lol

He used to be in the diving team in high school and I thought that was really interesting because I don’t know how to swim. Things that Im not too familiar with I tend to think are interesting.

It was really nice meeting Jairo this week!


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