Week 4: Performing Make up!

This week was a very productive week although I’ve been very sick đŸ˜¦

For this weeks’ activity I recorded myself putting make up on without any sound (or at least tried to! and sorry about the bad quality)

Doing this was very fun for me because:

1. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this but never had the courage to do so.

2. I already see ways in which to improve future videos.

3. I started learning how to use iMovie.

4. And I cannot wait to film another!

This is a true art for me because the video shows how I transform my face with make up to enhance my own beauty. Make up makes me feel great. In the future I hope to inspire people with similar interests. Many people say that make up makes me look like a different person, but that is sort of the whole point. Moreover, I am very thankful that this was an activity we were assigned to do for Art110 because without this assignment, I would have never bothered recording myself.

A great thing about make up art is you can always change it. It does not necessarily have to fit a “pretty face”. A great example of that is posted below.


Make up can be as light and simple as possible or as heavy as possible. It is pretty much all subjective which is the great part about it! Also, being that it all comes with practice, trial and error process will help anyone reach a goal.

All in all, I’m grateful I did this not only for class but for me.


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