Week 4: Art Gallery!

IMG_2477This weeks’ art gallery was interesting!

The art piece that was my favorite was coincidently her favorite! (she’s standing right in front of it, sorry!)

Makaila’s work was very unique in the way where she only painted landscapes, memories and etc. based on ONLY the colors on the euro! that was insane! I thought that, that was a great challenge which she succeeded in.

She is half Irish. She says if we have the opportunity of going abroad to do so right away! She went decided to go abroad within a 2 week period and once she left to Florence and finally arrived, it was one of the best choices she’s ever made. (although she didn’t learn italian)

As mentioned in her artist statement, she says she created her art pieces through memories of being in foreign cities and how it all connected with her.

I enjoyed her art piece all in all because of the way she conveys her overall point, to embrace the beauty in everything and be inspired from it!


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