Week 3: Insta!


With this activity, I noticed many things about all of us (students)
For instance, at first it might have been a bit awkward posting something, solely because we weren’t too sure of what we should post on Instagram. I believe we are all a very broad group of people who are connected. Obviously because we are all students trying to survive and finish school, secondly I noticed we all connect through food, which may be because at the moment we are all living in a sort of fast life with little time.

I enjoyed this activity because it gave me a chance to post up pictures that resemble me. I posted a picture mostly resembled make up and what I do on my spare time. It gave me a sense of “Im ok!” in life because at this age in college everything you go through, you think you’re going through it alone whether it be staying up late, or waking up super early, eating junk. It was serendipity seeing we all connected. šŸ™‚


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