week 3: Colleague Interview


This week I met a young lady who is really down to earth, Tatiana Costa!

She is 19 years old majoring in Kinesiology and on her second year here at Cal State Long Beach. It is crazy to see how much you can learn about a person in just ten minutes!

Her birthday is on September 16th, her favorite color is HOT pink, (which caught my attention because not many people like pink). She LOVES Mac n’ Cheese and Pistachio ice cream. She commutes from Artesia and has a 15 year old brother, Joseph. She can also speak Portuguese and Spanish, and is eager to learn Italian.

Tatiana has many interests~~~ such as :

She loves reading! mostly classics and adventure. (eg. Pride & Prejudice)

She likes creating crafts and especially likes making Birthday Cards 🙂  Tatiana also loves going to Downtown Disney where she loves to go into the toy stores.

She has a pet parakeet named ETHEL, she once had 4 in total, (Lucy, Ricky, and Fred) BUT, one day her brother Joseph was feeding the birds and they escaped by accident! Ethel was the only one who stood still. (Ethel is obviously the only bird who was well behaved haha)

Tatiana seems like a great person with a good sense of humor 🙂


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