Week 2: Painting Valeria in Bubble Letters!

IMG_0897 IMG_0903 IMG_0902Bubble letters, before this activity for my Art 110 course I was not aware what bubble letters were. It is quite fascinating how within every topic there is sub topics. For instance I was never aware that there was a variety of styled within the realm of graffiti. Before this adventure, to me I just saw graffiti as a general idea. Writing my name in bubble letters made me realize some very important things. For instance, I noticed that it is quite difficult to create graffiti of my name with limited are, which was my cardboard. Although this took about 3 tries to finally get something I was pleased with, I had a great time learning what the world of graffiti is like. I am very happy with the outcome of my art work, and look forward to trying this again in the future.


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