Week 16 EC Possibly

Hello Professor!

As you already know, I am borderline with my grade and I went ahead to do some possible extra credit for this class really hoping for some points!..

This picture below is the algorithmic art piece I took the time to do earlier today from Jairo’s steps to create my version.

I forgot to bring my markers so I used what I had in my back pack. I found his list very interesting because it was definitely something attainable for any student here do with out any trouble. What I noticed with this piece was that driving around LB State, there weren’t many students (or teachers, or residents) who have cars that are from out of state. I can guess that because most people that I have met throughout the course of this semester in Art 110, students that have their cars are from North Cal or more south than LB. The students that are from out state don’t necessarily have a car here with them which could explain why I had so many C’s in my piece. I really enjoyed doing this because it opened my eyes to more of the students we have here at CSULB.


For my next post I used Christian’s algorithmic list to create my version as well!

This piece was actually super relaxing for me! listening to music with my eyes shut is what I used to do a lot, before when I used to play piano in high school. (to feeeel the music) So for this art piece in particular, I chose the song, “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by Jack Johnson. This song is one of my favorites because of the guitar and Jack’s voice. ha. While doing this piece I did not want to do smaller and closer lines when the song sped up or anything to follow it but I think that might have been the goal for this huh? I noticed that at first the flow of the black pen did not follow the tempo but during the middle and end it was kind of inevitable. Letting my flow go and seeing how the colors kind of reflect the beat of the song was cool! I’ll try doing this with my nephews and nieces! Thanks Christian 🙂


Lastly, but certainly not least, I used Lizbeth’s algorithmic instructions to create this.

OK first I want to say that instead of studying for nutrition 132 I studied for my accounting course and I absolutely love that class so I wanted to shade in the SMALLEST spots in my lines to make it seem like I didn’t take long to study. HA. is that cheating? I loved doing this piece because I did not have many restraints or limits as to what it was that I had to do. It was fun choosing and skipping songs and pretty much doing my usual just added drawing lines and shading. It was comfortable and interesting seeing how my results reflected me and my studying.



Week 15: Last art piece!!

This week the pieces were created by Julie Tran!

The main reason I was immediately drawn to piece of the young girl laying down was because it reminded me of a character of a show I was obsessed with as a child called, the Rugrats! The character’s name is Angelica and this piece is almost my exact memory of her. She was a lunatic who wanted all to herself. This piece shouts the words, “HA, I always get what I want!”

When I look at art, especially in Trans collection, I enjoy making my own stories to them because I feel it connects me more with the piece. I read that Tran’s silliness puts fire on her creativity and I can totally see that.

Perhaps the inner kid in me will always be attracted to fun and colorful things which is why I am drawn to these two, The loud colors say something not only about the characters in Tran’s pieces but something about the artist as well as the viewer who connects with an art piece.

Maybe the colors connected to Trans culture, or maybe she just used her favorite colors. Between the two pictures below, the color green came out more in my eyes, which could symbolize money or power (that relates to Angelica’s character in the Rugrats)

I had a fun time in the Werby-gallery reminiscing about shows I watched as a kid but also connecting with Tran’s art. 🙂

IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0285

Week 15!

IMG_0095This week I met…..Julyssa Juarez! She lives in the same city as my older brother so I felt we were already connected a bit. (City of Downey)

Julyssa is in her 1st year here at CSULB and is 18 years old 🙂

She mentioned right away that CSULB was NOT her first choice of school but she got in, “so why not?” ha, is it bad that I was a bit insulted? I am biased, I will admit right away because Long Beach is my hometown and I have lots of love for LB and its neighboring cities.

Julyssa is currently undeclared but hopes to soon be declared as a Kinesiology student. She also hopes to become a physical therapist in the future. She enjoys working out and teaching children the benefits of working out. She coaches a volleyball team of 12 year olds here in Belmont, and couldn’t be happier! I thought that this fact about her was super sweet! I don’t know many college students who enjoy younger people as their company because of their short attention span and different interests.

Julyssa’s name is spelled differently and that right away caught my attention. Her birthday is in August, she was supposed to be born in July so her mom gave her the name JULYssa. isn’t that funny/cute?

It was great meeting Julyssa 🙂

Week 14: Art!

IMG_0093 IMG_0096

This weeks piece of art is an oil and spray painting called, Cold Light, Warm Room by Andrew Maverick Corella. There were so many pieces of art it was hard for me to choose. I chose this one specifically because the story of this piece can vary from person to person but with one moral of the story. A heated situation in the room but not too tense as you can tell the man is seating and not standing. The very empty room showed me that they may live in a more simple era with more worries than what we consider our 1st world problems.

I enjoyed how realistic this painting looked. I am assuming the people in this painting are part of the hispanic culture so perhaps that is the reason why I chose to write about it because I am part of the Mexican culture.

Moving on, I took my time looking at the only girl in the picture. She is standing behind the man who seems to take care of her, husband or maybe even brother. Standing behind him shows me that he makes the major decisions and deals with the tough struggles they may face. Moving on, the man at the counter was portrayed to me as a drunk…and then I thought, does me seeing this man as a drunk say something about me? I guess I could relate because a few of my uncles were alcoholics and simply hard to live with. That is the kind of situation I see in this painting.

Week 14: Meeting a New Classmate

IMG_0092Hello! This week I met Taneshia Warren 🙂

She is also in her 2nd year and also a business major! woohoo! I love meeting fellow business major ladies somewhere NOT at the CBA building. She is a marketing major and is excited to get into more higher level classes.

She is currently dorming with some of her good friends and is planning on getting a nice roomy apartment with them after this semester is over. She is excited to finally step up her responsibilities as she is getting older.

Taneshia is from Santa Clarita and is still employed at a Disney store back home. She works Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. She loves going back home on weekends to work and is convenient to keep her job because that way she is still employed during school breaks and has a chance to visit family all the while.

She likes to go to the beach to enjoy some sun, but living in a city near several beaches…who doesn’t enjoy the beach? 🙂 She also likes working out at the gym and is hoping to go on an adventure soon! She specifically said zip lining and sky diving. That is crazy! Do your thing girl! I’ll pass. haha I could tell immediately that Taneshia is a down to earth dare devil. The type of person never to have a dull moment with, she’s fun 🙂

We spoke about a couple TV shows we’ve already watched and are currently watching Orange is the New Black! Great show! Also movies we’ve cried to recently which was Furious 7 and how sentimental we get when some songs come on the radio.
It was great meeting Taneshia.

Week 13 Recapturing the Moment!

The exhibition in the Dutzi gallery this week was very nice to the eye.

“Recapturing the Moment” is the perfect title for Shihori Nakayama individual show.

Prior to reading Nakayama’s statement I saw a re-occuring face in her drawings. The precious little dog! I was immediately drawn to choose this exhibition as the one to write about because this particular section of the gallery looked like an enlarged coloring book! How fun 🙂

It felt so much more realistic when I read that all of these pieces represent a road down memory lane for Nakayama. I must say as soon as I read the words children books in her statement, I enjoyed this that much more. Who doesn’t love children books? It is like going into a land far away from all the “bad” things in the world.

The repetitive showings of the dog and a few other animals show how greatly appreciated this dog was in Nakayama’s life and then inevitably, grew on me (the viewer)

IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007  IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012

Week 13! Amber Luna!


Hey guys! So this week I met a really down-to-Earth classmate! Amber Luna is in her 3rd year here at CSULB and is majoring in Sociology with a minor in criminal justice. (GO GIRL!) She hopes to work with children in her career because she has always found that fun.

Amber is from Downey, CA. I thought this was pretty cool because my bother currently lives with his family in the city of Downey. She is 20 but will be 21 next Friday! How exciting, so I wished her an early birthday. 🙂 Luna works at LA fitness which is a great motivator to work out. Her favorite color is light yellow and loves experiencing new things outside of home. Her favorite music is HIP HOP and her passion is simply living in the moment. I thought this was refreshing to hear since she has a major and a minor.

My conversation with Amber led to her describing Rosarito by Baja CA. At first we were talking about out favorite foods and she told me that the best authentic food is in Rosarito with nice views of the shore.

Also! We spoke about the Grey Hound and how it works, she described a trip she took to San Francisco in the Grey Hound. She inspired me to travel to surrounding cities and appreciate the beautiful state of California we live in. 🙂